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Future Town Center

Construction at Bayberry is well underway, and the vision is clear: to create a residential community that incorporates the ambiance and scale of a traditional American small town. The heart of those towns - most of them now a part of the nostalgic past - has always been a vibrant retail center that significantly reduces residents' dependency on the automobile.

In addition to providing convenient shopping and a central gathering place, the Town Center will encourage evening strolls, provide opportunities for dining out, and offer residential options within walking distance of Main Street.

Just as the Town Center will eliminate considerable driving time, it will also provide employment opportunities close to home. Destinations such as a fitness center, an office campus and a daycare center will be part of the neighborhood, and a Fourth of July parade could become part of a lifestyle that promotes community solidarity.

In the 21st century it's not good fences that make good neighbors, it's good planning.

American flag flying from porch